Google Pixel update lets you take photos underwater

 Google today announced several new features for Pixel smartphones, which include

  • An improved call recording experience,
  • exploring the underwater world with Pixel cameras,
  • Smart compose for better adapting to users’ daily activities and sleep reminders.
  • Attention-grabbing graphics

The recording (Recorder) function,

  • Users can now easily share audio files with others, even if other users are not also using the Pixel smartphone.
  • Also, on the website, you can listen to recordings, view text transcripts, and even search for files.
  • Basically, you get the entire recorder experience with a shareable link
So basically it helps content writers, students, enterprise sales teams, product teams to get rid of their small recorders.

As shown in the figure, just click the menu in the upper right corner of the Recorder application, and then choose to share audio files.

Underwater Camera

For divers and underwater photography enthusiasts

  • you can now use the Pixel camera app + Kraken Sports’ universal waterproof protective cover
  • You can record the scenes of marine life and the underwater world.
  • Users can use functions including night vision, portrait mode, dynamic photos/videos, to obtain high-quality underwater images.

Attention-grabbing graphics

  • Google will bring unique graphics and wallpapers throughout the year for pixel
  • It will start on International Women’s Day on March 8,
  • The pixel will bring a series of wallpapers created by Cachetejack of Spain, which focus on showing the power and transformation of women.

Smart compose for better adapting to users’ daily activities and sleep reminders.

Smart Compose

  • In terms of input experience, Smart compose intelligent spelling can use machine learning technology to complete words and sentences, and message reply is expected to be easier than before. (Currently only available in the U.S. / Temporarily only supports English).
  • Smart Compose will provide some suggestions for commonly used phrases to help users reduce repetitive input or possible typos.
  • Finally, there is a reminder function to improve the user’s sleep.
  • When you put the Pixel 3/3 XL / 4/4 XL / 5 on the separately sold PixelStand wireless charging stand, you will see a newly designed bedtime notification screen

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