Is OnePlus 8 Pro worth buying? OnePlus 8 Pro review

As early as the OnePlus 7 Pro released last year , OnePlus achieved the first combination of 2K+ resolution and 90Hz screen refresh rate.  OnePlus differentiated in the high-end market with its high refresh rate, while driving the entire industry to move toward a high refresh rate. 
 OnePlus 8 Pro is now officially released, bringing a further 2K+120Hz screen combination. 


 The high-end texture of new OnePlus is a quality that is difficult to state. This is not only related to Color, Material, Finish, but also inseparable from the brand tone and product positioning. It cannot even be quantified in detail, but in 2020 among the flagships released to public, OnePlus 8 Pro has a unique high-end texture. 
OnePlus was the pioneer in using Anti-Glare glass as early as Oneplus 6. Now Apple iPhone 11 Pro and other high-end flagship series have gradually begun to use the AG atomization process.
OnePlus further improves its atomization concentration helping it look more refined. Also, the grip feels more delicate and smooth. 
 The OnePlus 8 Pro finally maintains a weight of 199g and a body thickness of 8.5mm, which also adds a lot of color to its excellent feel.
The machine has a large 4510 mAh battery and hardware-level upgrades, proving that the workmanship of OnePlus 8 Pro is very tactful.  


 The front R-angle of the screen is close to the contour curvature of the whole machine.  The four-camera modules on the back are arranged in the center, maintaining the consistent simple design level. This makes the design of the OnePlus 8 Pro’s camera look new. 
 In terms of camera configuration, the upgrade of OnePlus 8 Pro is not “radical”. The main camera is Sony customized IMX689, 1/1.4-inch large CM OS size, and f/1.78 large aperture, supporting four-in-one output (2.24μm unit pixels ), stabilized the basic plate of dark light imaging. 
 On the backside of the phone is an 8 million telephoto lens that supports 3X optical zoom; in addition, both the main camera and telephoto support OIS optical image stabilization, enough to see OnePlus’ investment in image upgrades; there is also a unique 5 million pixel filter lens. 
 This time, OnePlus has equipped this new four-camera module with two high-specification technologies. Among them, the omni-pixel omni-focusing technology uses Quad Bayer’s four-pixel arrangement, and four adjacent pixels of the same color. Shares one on-chip lens (each on-chip lens is used separately in the traditional configuration) to reduce color deviation and improve the imaging performance of the sensor and the focus success rate in dark light environments. 

 Processor, RAM, Battery, and Connectivity 

The flagship configuration competition in 2020 is extremely fierce. OnePlus 8 Pro’s stockpiling is still the most comprehensive among them. If Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 + LPDDR5 RAM + UFS 3.0 flash memory + Wi-Fi 6 is standard, then up to 12GBMemory, dual speakers, X-axis linear motors, IP68 waterproof and 30W wireless flash charging make it one-on-one. The strong points are strong enough, and the configuration has no shortboard, not only the screen, OnePlus 8 Pro is the finale of the flagship in the first half of the year.
Speaking of 5G, in fact, OnePlus has released a 5G version of the machine worldwide, and this time it brought a full-mode dual-mode 5G. Although the specifications and number of RF antennas need to be disassembled to have an answer, the connection stability of OnePlus 8 Pro in a commercial 5G environment is very good. Even if the 5G connection is now more dependent on the coverage of the operator for 5G, the network search and connection stability of OnePlus makes 5G more available.
 OnePlus 8 Pro is equipped with a 4510mA battery, equipped with a 30W wired fast charge and 30W wireless flash charge; Looking at the entire first half of 2020, it is still one of the top charging sets One. 

Hydrogen OS

 After the OnePlus 8 Pro new machine is available, it happens to be upgraded to hydrogen OS 10.5.2.IN11. The upgrade of the new system is mainly reflected in: the addition of voice assistants, support for car mode; optimization of icon display, more stable camera shooting, and richer custom settings, which are all related to the core needs of users.     
 OnePlus 8 Pro’s impeccable 2K+120Hz top-level screen, which allows consumers to experience the clear and smooth visibility to the naked eye.
 OnePlus 8 Pro’s screen color accuracy and peak brightness display parameters are also top and unique. In fact, not only the screen, throughout the first half of this year, it is difficult to have a mobile phone like OnePlus 8 Pro as it has everything from core configuration to screen hardware.  

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