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8 Amazing free tools for bloggers, content creators, marketers, and influencers in 2022

1. Listary – tools for bloggers

In the content of the previous recommendation of everything, users often see users mentioning Listary, a software that is comparable to it in the comment area. This tool has two powerful functions of search and launch. It is not inferior to Wox in terms of launch. In terms of search, everything can be combined.

I have been using this software for a long time, it includes both file search and program launcher. The system supports fast file search, file location, and can be combined with a variety of software for powerful customization functions so that Listary has functions such as everything and cmd at the same time.

2. Squoosh – tools for bloggers

When we transmit pictures every day, if the picture is too large, it will be limited by the platform, such as many registration system platforms, social platforms change avatars, etc.

At this time, it is the best choice to compress the image through software. Squoosh is a powerful image compression tool produced by Google. It uses Google’s powerful algorithm to maximize image compression on the premise of ensuring image quality. And it is very simple and easy to use. After opening the web page, drag the picture into it and wait a few seconds to download the compressed version. No need to open ps to compress the picture.

3. Snipaste – tools for bloggers

Which computer screen capture is better? Don’t argue, IMHO, compared with it, other software of the same type are brothers.

It has the functions of color value absorption, graphic text annotation, mosaic, and fixed to the screen. Screenshots can not only automatically select the interface Elements, you can also move the mouse accurately through the WASD keys, and record and playback screenshots.

Most of Snipaste’s functions can be operated with the mouse, and many very useful operations are done through keyboard shortcuts. No pop-ups, no ads, use it with confidence.

4. Edge browser – tools for bloggers

A good browser is essential to a computer. Edge uses the Chrome kernel, but it has memory less than Chrome, and it starts up and loads web pages very quickly. Edge has a rich plugin library of over 1000 extensions, including the AdBlock ad-blocking tool, Tampermonkey oil monkey plugin, and many more.

5. IDM (downloader) – tools for bloggers

IDM can be said to be the strongest Windows system download software, and is called “the tool against the sky” by netizens!

Some minefields require members to have normal download speeds, and it may take a day for non-members to download movies, which is somewhat excessive. IDM is a multi-threaded unlimited speed download software, which can be applied to a variety of browsers. The download speed is much faster than similar software, and the interface is simple and easy to use.

6. iSlide – tools for bloggers

iSlide is a high-quality PPT plug-in that can help us optimize PPT with one click. Functions such as design and layout, color reference, smart charts, icon library, picture library, and PPT can basically be found in iSlide.

How convenient for you to use it in the end, give you an example, PPT in material size is not the consistent case, if To make them a uniform size, you can only set their size manually. But with iSlide, you can do it by pressing the big and small buttons, etc.

7. cutout – automatic tool – tools for bloggers

A professional automatic image cutout software, which can help users to cut images in batches, automatically delete backgrounds and support adding wonderful new backgrounds and excellent effects, making it easier and more convenient for you to cut images.

8. screen to Gif – animation maker – tools for bloggers

Compared with images, moving pictures will make the content more divided, especially when we need to introduce the use steps of a product, moving pictures are more practical and easier for users to understand than simple screenshots.

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