Indian Customs blocked Chinese parts, paralyzing some Foxconn factories

According to the latest news on July 3, India suddenly increased its review of imports from China. This move has clearly disrupted the operation and production of Apple’s largest foundry, Foxconn’s factory in southern India, while other companies’ operations in India Also began to be affected.

A source revealed that the Indian customs suddenly detained part of the goods sent from the Chinese company, and increased inspection efforts and slowed the speed of customs clearance. At present, large companies in the industry such as Apple and Dell are stepping up efforts to retrieve the goods stacked in the port, but the incident has left hundreds of workers at Foxconn’s two Indian factories with little to do.
In addition, more than 150 shipment parts (including smartphones and other electronic parts) of Foxconn are currently being detained at the Chennai port. Although some goods have begun to clear slowly, in terms of the total number, the final serious impact is no longer avoid.
It is understood that the two most affected Foxconn factories are located in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Their main business is assembling Apple and Xiaomi mobile phones, with a total number of thousands of employees. According to insiders: “Foxconn factory It’s in a very bad state. Many workers have to stay in dorms because they have no work to do.”
At present, the Indian Ministry of Finance, Apple and Xiaomi have not responded to the matter, but two Indian officials responsible for monitoring the customs department said: “The inspection measures are only temporary and will soon be relaxed and returned to normal. We cannot always Check shipments 100%, and shipments from affected non-Chinese companies will be cleared first.”
Although it is not yet known how specific the Indian Customs’ impression of the Chinese company’s shipments will be, most of the Indian companies have previously been affected by the new coronavirus epidemic and it has disrupted their supply chains. Many industries and companies have been affected. 

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