Large battery & Smooth Usage Oppo A93


At the beginning of 2021, OPPO launched its new A-series model OPPO A93. Highlights such as the long battery life, thin and light body of the A-series have been passed down to A93.

The addition of the ColorOS11 system also makes the OPPO A93 better in daily usage.

Exterior design OPPO A93

The OPPO A93 is available in three colors, namely Aurora, Elegant Silver, and Dazzling Black.

Among them, the main aurora color matching adopts a brand-new liquid crystal coating process, with red, blue, and purple as the base tone. The color changes with the change of ambient light, just like the aurora in the polar night sky, brilliant and dazzling.

The elegant silver adopts a matte process, which has a slight frosted feel from the look and feel and is more gentle and delicate in the hand.

The dazzling black is more calm, like a layer of varnish on black ceramics, which is low-key and somewhat translucent.

OPPO A93 continues the light and slim characteristics of the A-series. The body thickness is only 8.4mm, and the bodyweight is about 188g. With the rounded middle frame design, it can give users a comfortable grip.
It is worth mentioning that OPPO also stuffed a 5000mAh large battery in such a thin and light machine, which is really not easy. As for what kind of battery life this large battery can bring to OPPO A93, we will talk about it later.

Coming to the front of the phone, OPPO A93 uses a 6.5-inch LCD screen that supports 100% DCI-P3 color gamut.
This effectively enhances the details of the picture highlights and shadows. The official name is the ultra-clear colorful screen.

The screen adopts a hole-punch cutout screen design. The single hole diameter in the upper left corner of the screen is slightly larger, but at its price point is still acceptable.

This screen also supports 90Hz high refresh rate +180Hz touch sampling rate. whether it is browsing the internet, stories, and other information flow content on the daily vertical screen, or playing games on the horizontal screen, it brings a smooth experience.

All-weather AI eye protection technology is also a more intimate feature on OPPO A93. The mobile phone can automatically trigger the sunscreen and night screen according to different ambient light levels to achieve a brighter display during the day and a darker display at night, ensuring that users can see the screen content clearly at any time.

In the actual experience, when using OPPO A93 under strong direct sunlight at noon, one can still see the words on the screen clearly. In a situation without any light at night, A93 can also give me a more comfortable viewing experience, even if the eye protection is not turned on. The model does not appear too dazzling, which is commendable.

Power and Battery experience OPPO A93

Large power is one of the highlights of OPPO A93. 5000mAh super-capacity batteries are rare in the same price range. With Smart 5G intelligent scheduling, night standby power-saving optimization, and other technologies, OPPO A93 gives people a sense of security on the hardware and technical levels.

From the actual test point of view, OPPO A93 after 1 hour of PUBG, 1 hour of surfing, 1 hour of TIKTOK, and 1 hour of online video use, has the power of 72%. This shows that even a full day of heavy use is not a problem.

If you think it is not enough, you can also turn on the power saving mode or super power saving mode to save power by controlling the number of running applications. It is also a good choice to use this function for emergency situations if the battery is insufficient when you are away.

In terms of charging speed, OPPO A93 supports up to 18W charging power. I started charging at 4% and charged to 58% after one hour.

System experience OPPO A93

In terms of hardware, OPPO A93 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G chip and provides a large memory combination of 8GB+256GB.

I used OPPO A93 to play a round of PUBG. The screen was set to ultra high resolution + high frame rate. The test results are as follows:

Excluding the large frame drop data that must appear when entering the game and ending the game, OPPO A93 has a relatively stable performance throughout the game, with an average frame rate of 59.5 FPS. From the data point of view, there were two freezes during the game, but it basically did not affect my gaming experience, and the overall performance was relatively good.

The ColorOS 11.1 system also adds a lot to the OPPO A93 experience. The newly added quantum animation engine 2.0 makes the system interaction more in line with the laws of physics and user cognition. With a high refresh rate of 90Hz, the A93 is quite smooth and smooth in daily use.

The flash window is also my favorite feature. Users can suspend the application as a small window or a mini window. Through the combination of full screen + small window/mini window, multiple tasks can be processed in parallels, such as using browser and tiktok.

Image capability OPPO A93

OPPO A93 is equipped with 48 million smart triple cameras, placed in the upper left corner of the fuselage in the form of a matrix module. This image module includes a 48-megapixel main camera, a black and white portrait lens, and a 4cm macro lens.

On the whole, OPPO A93, as an entry-level 5G mobile phone, has performance that can meet basic usage needs, and the dazzling night scene shooting effect is also very effective in products at the same price. The addition of large memory and large battery makes OPPO A93 more comfortable in daily use and completely get rid of the anxiety of battery life.

If you have higher requirements for the battery life of your mobile phone and pay more attention to the daily use experience of your mobile phone, OPPO A93 is a good starting choice.

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