Amazing looks and style of OnePlus Buds Z Steven Harrington headset

For the true wireless Bluetooth headsets in the market, we usually see the colors black and white the most. Which is nice to look at, but it always feels a little less fashionable. If you are a young user who pursues a trendy style, try this OnePlus Buds Z headset jointly launched by OnePlus and designer Steven Harrington.

From the outer packaging to the inner earphones, the OnePlus Buds Z earphones are full of the craft of “Steven Harrington”.

The look of the charging box is the same as the outer packaging. The OnePlus Buds Z headsets all use purple and green as the main color pattern. The body is covered with a graffiti pattern with Steven Harrington’s personal designs. These patterns are designer Harrington’s iconic tropical plants, sunglasses, and other graphics. At the same time, they are highly integrated with the OnePlus Logo, which looks full of the new style.

The headset uses Harrington’s design elements, and the color variation is also differentiated. The left earphone uses green and purple embellish, while the right earphone uses the opposite color combination. The OnePlus Buds Z earphones can be easily distinguished from a crowd of black and white earphones, attracting attention.

In addition to the stylish appearance, the OnePlus Buds Z headset is also a truly wireless Bluetooth headset with a great experience.

The sound quality of the OnePlus Buds Z steven Harrington headset

The OnePlus Buds Z headset uses a 10mm high-quality moving coil unit that can bring a strong and powerful performance. The users who often listen to electronic music are going to dig them. At the same time, the performance of the OnePlus Buds Z headset is also very balanced in the mid-to-high frequency section. With Dolby Atmos, you get a cinema-level listening experience.

The OnePlus Buds Z headset has a long battery life of 20 hours, and you can listen to music for 3 hours after charging for 10 minutes. The battery life is satisfactory.

Functions of OnePlus Buds Z steven Harrington headset

  • It supports dual MIC call noise reduction
  • IP55 waterproof and sweatproof, earbuds

The price of the OnePlus Buds Z steven Harrington headset.

The OnePlus Buds Z headset is only 55 USD/ 45 Euro/ 359 yuan/ 4059 rupees .
It is a cost-effective and stylish true wireless Bluetooth headset.

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