Honor V40 screen review : Amazing 1 billion colors

On January 22, the Honor V40 was officially unveiled. As the first product of Honor splitting with Huawei, the V40 has attracted the attention of countless consumers. Through our evaluation, we found that Honor V40 is the most balanced product that Honor can make under the current situation. It not only meets the public’s aesthetic needs for design but also meets the demand for 5G high speed. At the same time, in terms of screens, it has also given full attention to bringing consumers a 1 billion original color screen. It is a second Android phone that supports deep color management, and it controls colors more accurately.

The screen of Honor V40 actually has many hidden gems. We would rather call it the best screen in Honor history. Let’s have a look.

Display more accurate and delicate

As mentioned above, Honor V40 is Honor’s first mobile phone that supports color management. It is equipped with a color reproduction engine. It can convert different color coding formats such as sRGB, P3, rec.2020, etc., to achieve the same color accurately converted to the P3 color gamut. so that the color restoration is more accurate, and there will be no color fragmentation during daily use.

The color gamut is the full range of colors visible to the human eye. But what is a color gamut in displays? Since most displays are limited in the colors that they can produce, each device will also follow one or more color standards that define its specific color gamut.

To better understand the comprehensive color management, let’s first understand the DCI-P3 wide color gamut. It is a relatively new color standard used in digital cinema, and it has been promoted by Apple and Sony in recent years. The standard, it takes the human visual experience as the starting point. And matches all the color requirements that can be shown in the film as much as possible, in other words, the film-level color gamut standard. At present, most of the printing industry uses this color gamut as the standard. and most designers also pay more attention to the P3 color gamut of the display device when selecting equipment.

Compared with sRGB encoding, DCI-P3 covers more red and green, so it has a stronger ability to restore green and red, and is sharper. It can better show the true colors that the human eye can see. As we can see in the settings of Honor V40, there are two modes to choose from, standard and bright. In standard mode, it will automatically adapt to sRGB and P3 color space display. Bright is global P3. For some that have not yet adapted to P3 For APP (take Weibo as an example), the standard mode will automatically switch between P3 and sRGB to ensure that what the user sees is accurate.

It is worth mentioning that each screen of the Honor V40 is calibrated for production line color temperature. It can provide users with the best screen. The Honor V40 has a retina-level resolution of 1236×2676. Its pixel density is about 15% higher than the mainstream FHD resolution of 1920*1080. The ppi of up to 440 is the industry’s top and the display is clearer.

Honor V40 supports 1 billion colors of primary color display. The color depth is 64 times higher than the traditional 16.7 million colors, and the color display will be more detailed. It’s better to understand that, for example, a picture of the setting sun in the design. If you use an ordinary 8bit screen, the color may be broken and the screen display will not be so detailed. But if you use the Honor V40, the color transition is natural. The fault does not exist, and the whole look is better.

Smoother display

When it comes to screen refresh rate and touch sampling rate, I believe you are not unfamiliar. In the past few years, major manufacturers have been working on these two aspects. High refresh rate screens have become standard for flagship phones. The 120Hz screen refresh rate used by the Honor V40 is twice as fast as the traditional 60Hz mobile phone screen. Each frame is as fast as 8.3ms, which brings us a smoother and smoother experience.

Left 60Hz, right 120Hz

Compared with the traditional 60Hz, we can see that the Honor V40 is obviously smoother in the sliding after 120Hz is turned on.

As we all know, in FPS mobile games, the smoothness of the picture can often determine your victory or defeat. This is one of the main reasons why many games now launch high frame rate modes. Compared with the 60Hz mode, the Honor V40 responds faster in the 120Hz mode. Switching the gun, aiming, and firing, and the movement of the characters will be smoother and more stable. When the character moves and changes the shooter’s view, there will be no “stuck” feeling.

Show more eye protection

Honor V40 screen’s, its eye protection effect is also worthy of our attention. It can use a professional color temperature sensor, ambient light sensor, automatic color temperature calibration, intelligent dimming. Real-time feel the cold and warm, light and dark changes of the external environment. It has dynamic color compensation according to the color temperature under different light realize 4096-level screen brightness adjustment. So that the screen always maintains the best visual perception, matching our eye color adaptation.

Eye protection mode

For example, when you look at the phone in bed, the brightness of the surrounding environment is very low, Honor V40 will adjust the brightness to an appropriate level. So that when you look at the phone at night, your eyes will not sore. The screen brightness adjustment process is very smooth. and there will be no direct brightness change from dark to bright, and it will not cause irritation to the human eyes. This allows our eyes to see clearly and comfortably even if the light changes rapidly in daily use. The content on the Honor V40 screen.

Honor V40 also supports DC dimming and anti-flicker, blue light filtering, and dark mode, bringing a more eye-protecting experience. Take the dark mode as an example, it can switch between the white system page and the dark system page, which brings us a better experience, especially in the dark mode at night, which is extra comfortable. Honor V40 also has the blessing of eye protection mode. After it is turned on, it can effectively filter blue light and prevent eye fatigue. We can set the time to turn on or set it to turn on all day, and also adjust the blue light filter level to meet the eye protection needs of different users.

Honor V40, as Honor’s first year of work in 2021, has brought us many surprises, especially this screen. The original color display of 1 billion colors, color management, automatic color temperature calibration, 120Hz screen refresh rate, etc. make it the most configured screen in Honor history. For ordinary users, may not care about these parameters in daily use but pay more attention to their experience. After our actual measurement, the Honor V40 has done the same, and it can bring excellent display effects.

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