When is the best time to change the phone? How to decide when to change phone

As a tech product, a mobile phone has a specific lifespan, and you cannot use it forever. Take the issue of changing mobile phones. Some people may change their phones simply because they want to change their phones, while some people are struggling to change their phones. If you don’t know when to change phones. Today I will give you some suggestions.

The phone memory is not enough

Many people think that mobile phone memory is mainly used to store photos and videos. In fact, this is not the case. Mobile phone memory will actively store a lot of data, such as system operation data, game data, messenger/whatsapp chat data, various APP data, etc. Just like photos and videos, they are both important. If your phone’s memory is so full that it can no longer store these data, you should be ready to change your phone.

Here is a suggestion for everyone. If you want to use your mobile phone for a longer time, you must choose the large memory version, especially for iPhone users. Remember to choose large memory.

It takes tens of seconds to open the app

Should I change my phone when my phone freezes? In fact, it’s not necessarily true. There are many reasons for mobile phone freezes, such as insufficient mobile phone memory, system bugs, and various minor software problems. If the phone freezes due to system problems, you can actually restart the phone to solve the problem.

So, under what circumstances should the mobile phone become stuck before changing it? Personal advice, you can try to open some commonly used apps. If you find that it takes tens of seconds or even a minute to open these apps on your phone, then you should consider changing your phone.

Changing the battery can’t save the phone’s battery life

After the mobile phone has been used for a long time, the battery inside will wear out. At this time, the battery life of the mobile phone will plummet. In the past, your mobile phone could support one day, but now it may only support half a day.

If this is the case for you now, then I suggest that you can go to the official after-sales service to change the battery. If the battery life cannot be saved after you change the battery, then you should change the phone.

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