10 Best places to visit in Corsica.

 10 Best places to visit in Corsica.

Corsica encapsulates the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

Protected by environmental laws, its coastline has escaped the kind of development seen in the Rivieras, while the forests, gorges and crumbling villages inland have altered little in centuries. 

The island also preserves a wealth of historic monuments, from Bronze Age menhirs to Genoese citadels.


Beneath the Mediterranean chic of its high-rise outskirts, the capital of Corsica has retained a strong historic accent, underlined by the Palais Fesch, with its priceless artworks

Golfe de Valinco

Wild hillsides sweep from the shores of the Golfe de Valinco, where the white-sand shoreline is dotted with small resorts and, just inland, extraordinary prehistoric sites

Le Sartenais

Head here if you are searching for wilderness. Standing stones are strewn over a landscape of pristine Mediterranean scrub, edged by a succession of remote beaches


Facing Tuscany across the Tyrrhenian Sea, Bastia has a more chaotic, Italian feel than southern rival Ajaccio, most pervasive in the picturesque Vieux Port


The striated chalk cliffs of Bonifacio are an iconic sight. A perfectly preserved Genoese Haute Ville (upper town) perches on the cliffs above the translucent turquoise water

Cap Corse

Lovely views of the distant Tuscan Islands lend this peninsula, north of Bastia, a special atmosphere – best savoured with the local muscat wine 

St-Florent and the Nebbio

This pretty port is a world away from the bustle of Bastia. Travel across its gulf to swim in some dazzlingly turquoise coves


Calvi’s weathered Genoese Citadelle stands over a sweep of white sand and sparkling seawater

Corte and its Hinterland

The mountain town of Corte occupies a grandiose setting. Its crow’s-nest Citadelle is dwarfed by vast escarpments and snowy peaks 

Golfe de Porto

Admire the scenery of the northwest, where red cliffs plunge into a deep-blue gulf. Take a boat to the Calanche rock formations

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