3 Mistakes which damage your precious phone

Do you know the most harmful habits which you use that may shorten the life of your mobile phone?

3 Mistakes which damage your precious phone 

To make the life of the mobile phone longer, daily maintenance is very important. In addition to protecting the phone by wearing a shell with a film, try to stay away from some habits that hurt the phone.

3 Mistakes which damage your precious phone

Mistake 1: Playing games while charging

Gaming is a very intense resource hogger process of the phone. What should I do if my phone suddenly runs out of power? Many people choose to charge their phones while playing games. In fact, this is a behavior that greatly affects the life of the phone. When the phone runs games, the phone will generate high temperatures. If the phone is charged at this time, the temperature of the phone will balloon beyond its capacity.

3 Mistakes which damage your precious phone Playing games

Ultra-high phone temperature will not only damage the phone battery but also affect the life of other parts of the phone. Also, if you use a non-original charger, then playing games while charging may cause accidents and affect personal safety.

3 Mistakes which damage your precious phone

Mistake 2: Bringing your phone into the bathroom

Many people watch videos on their mobile phones while taking a bath, so they often bring their mobile phones into the bathroom. Occasionally one or two times, it’s okay. If they do this often, the mobile phone is likely to short-circuit due to water.

3 Mistakes which damage your precious phone

As we know that water vapor is generated when taking a bath. This water vapor can penetrate the walls of the phone. If they enter the phone along with the opening of the phone and condense into water droplets, the phone will short-circuit. Therefore, I suggest that it is best not to bring your phone into the bathroom when you take a bath, even if the phone supports IP68 waterproof. If you really want to bring it, you can put a waterproof pouch on your phone.

Mistake 3: Put poor quality tempered film on mobile

Putting the film on the phone itself is to protect the phone screen, but if you put a low-quality tempered film, then it will damage the screen as well as glass. The quality of inferior tempered films is generally not guaranteed. They are often very fragile and may break if you touch them lightly. If you choose to continue using it, then it may scratch the screen.

3 Mistakes which damage your precious phone

Therefore, in order to protect the mobile phone screen, I suggest spending more than ten dollars to buy a better-tempered film, after all, the money spent to change the mobile phone screen is much more expensive than a tempered film.

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