LCD Cleaning Kit

How to choose a good LCD cleaning kit to protect your screen?

The market is full of various so-called liquid crystal cleaning products. A considerable part of the liquid crystal cleaning agents are non-professional products. For a long time, there are no relevant standards in the country in the field of liquid crystal cleaning products. Many consumers are not clear about how to choose and judge what is a qualified liquid crystal cleaning product, which has caused some non-professional products to be circulated and sold in the market. Faced with so many so-called professional liquid crystal cleaning products, how to proceed with choice?

How to choose LCD cleaning kit ?

  1. Look at the color.
    • Professional liquid crystal cleaner products should be colorless, because the color added in non-professional liquid crystal cleaners will cause the content of anions and cations in the liquid crystal cleaner to exceed the standard, and long-term use will damage the liquid crystal. A truly professional liquid crystal cleaner has strict control over the content of anions and cations, and the mother liquor used is also highly purified pure water. The resistance value of the pure water used reaches 18M ohms, making the water an absolute insulator. (General water is conductive, because the water contains various impurities and anions and cations, and the pure water after highly purified to 18M ohms, because the impurities are thoroughly filtered, the water will become an absolute insulator. Ion sensitivity is required.) The general so-called professional liquid crystal cleaner manufacturers do not understand liquid crystals, but only manufacture products from a chemical point of view. What’s more, because they don’t understand the characteristics of liquid crystals, they think they add color Will be more beautiful. In fact, from a professional point of view, colorless is the right product.
  2. Smell :
    • Professional liquid crystal cleaner products should be tasteless. This is because the taste of general chemical materials is generally CL or F or benzene and light-based substances, and these things are extremely harmful to liquid crystal materials. Only companies that do not understand liquids use these substances in liquid crystal cleaner products. Real liquid crystal cleaner products should use substances that are completely harmless to liquid crystals. It is almost impossible to understand those substances that can harm liquid crystals without considerable familiarity and experience in the liquid crystal industry.
  3. Look at volatility.
    • Really professional liquid crystal cleaner products will not have strong volatility. This is because the physical properties of water-soluble liquids (completely dissolved in water) are not easily volatile without adding strong volatile substances such as alcohol. However, some so-called liquid crystal cleaner products emphasize their volatility, because these companies do not understand the causes of liquid crystal. At the same time, because they do not understand liquid crystal, there are serious mistakes in the method of use (the use of these products, Generally speaking, it is said that it can be used directly on the screen. In fact, this is extremely wrong, because a truly professional product cannot be used directly on the screen because it does not have strong volatility. These claims can be used directly on the screen. The products used in screen spraying have relatively good volatility due to the addition of volatile substances that are serious to the liquid crystal.) At the same time, this is also the reason why the physical properties of VSGO liquid crystal cleaner products are slightly gelatinous.
  4. Look at the corporate background.
    • Only companies familiar with LCD can provide truly professional LCD cleaner products. The formation of the liquid crystal industry in my country has only started in 2000. Currently, companies that provide liquid crystal cleaner products are generally chemical or other related companies, and there are very few companies with a background in the liquid crystal industry that can supply liquid crystal cleaners for the liquid crystal industry. There are only 2 to 3 companies in the world for pharmaceutical products. Therefore, the liquid crystal cleaner product is not a product with no technical content that can be blended casually, as ordinary enterprises say. Only through the strict quality and performance test of the LCD factory and continuous supply of LCD cleaner products for the LCD industry is the correct product.

General misunderstandings during selection LCD cleaning kit product

  1. Superstitious international brands. Foreign companies are not necessarily professional. An international brand product was once considered by some consumers to be a product that is “worthy of an international brand”, but after the above steps, the initial smell of it makes people cry! In fact, many international brands are due to The product line is too long, and LCD cleaner products are not its professional products, so don’t be superstitious about so-called international brands.
  2. Only recognize the price but not the quality. Even if the price of non-professional products is relatively low, their profits are still very good, because their technical content is almost zero. General chemical plants can blend, but customers use it for a period of time will cause damage to the LCD. Professional products are generally more expensive than non-professional products due to their high technical content. However, due to their professionalism, they are really maintaining LCD products during use, and their cost performance is still quite high.

Is the LCD cleaning kit useful?

If your screen is accidentally stained with juice, saliva or coffee and other stains that are not easy to clean, you can spray an appropriate amount of non-ionized water with a special LCD wipe to make the wipe slightly moist, and then wipe it again. Let the stains disappear and will not scratch your LCD screen. Because the special liquid crystal wiping cloth is made of special fibers, it has a much better wiping effect than general high-end glasses cloth, and it is soft and will not scratch the screen. It also has the unique function of dissipating static electricity. With the special cleaning cloth for LCD, I believe that there is no need to worry about how dirty the LCD TV screen will be in the future. But here I still want to remind you: Don’t wipe your LCD TV screen every day, it will also be a big damage to the LCD screen.

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